Processions 2018: 100 years of struggle

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World participated in solidarity with thousands of women from across the island of Ireland on Sunday in a mass procession through the streets of central Belfast.  The march was organised by #Processions2018 to mark a century on from when some woman first won the right to vote in Westminster.... Continue Reading →


The fight for workers rights continues!

"None so fitted to break the chains as those who wear them, none so well equipped to decide what is a fetter". James Connolly on Womens' Rights, The Reconquest of Ireland.   The Industrial Workers of the World in Ireland welcomes and celebrates the decision to repeal the 8th Amendment which had banned abortion in Ireland... Continue Reading →

Marching for Equality in Belfast and Derry

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Belfast and Derry this afternoon in glorious sunshine in an attempt to demand an immediate change in the law banning marriage for same-sex couples in the north of Ireland. Members of the Industrial Workers of the World joined with countless other equality activists, supporters, family members and... Continue Reading →

Campaigning for Yes in the North West

Members of the IWW in the North West took part in the ongoing campaign for YES in the forth coming referendum to repeal the eighth amendment. Despite of a concerted campaign to remove all signs and material in favour of a Yes vote, this evening IWW activists erected posters in areas such as Bridgend, Muff,... Continue Reading →

Join the IWW – Unionise the Fight!

Don't forget the easiest way to get involved and become a member of the IWW in your area is by clicking on the following link. We already have active members in towns and cities across Ireland, both north and south, such as Dublin, Cork, Derry, Belfast, Galway, Newry, Dungiven, Newcastle, Clare, Donegal, Strabane and Limerick.... Continue Reading →

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