Dublin Rally for Action: Thurs. 16th may

The Dáil has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. But declaring an emergency means absolutely nothing unless there is action to back it up. We would like to invite all our friends and fellow campaigners to a snap Act Now! - Climate Emergency Rally outside the Dáil in support of immediate action to address the... Continue Reading →


IWW Derry Celebrate May Day 2019

Members of the IWW Derry branch attended this years May Day celebrations in the city which was organised by the Derry Trades Union Council. Several hundred people took part in the march and rally which was dominated by issues relating to the cuts in health and welfare and the need for the union movement to... Continue Reading →

May Day in Dublin Protests against Tips Theft

Members of IWW Dublin joined again with workers at the Ivy and other supporters, including members of the public and staff from other premises protesting tip theft. The protest was very energetic and well supported. An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

The ELT Worker: An Injury to One…

‘An injury to one is an injury to all’—a motto familiar even to non-union people. The phrase originates from the IWW union, or Industrial Workers of the World (also called the ‘Wobblies’), words that have inspired millions to fight racism, overcome fascism, and organise against workplace injustice.  As a grassroots union the IWW holds to... Continue Reading →

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