Derry Solidarity with General Strike in Catalonia

ccat18.jpgMembers of the IWW in Derry today took part in a rally held at Free Derry Wall in solidarity with workers throughout Catalonia on General Strike following Sunday’s referendum on self-determination. This evening solidarity action coincided with similar actions in Ireland and across the world at which many sections of the IWW participated.

In a statement issued ahead of todays General Strike the IWW Ireland section said that the “IWW Ireland sends a statement of solidarity in support of a General Strike in Catalonia on 3rd October, in protest at repression of civil rights in Catalonia, the presence of military forces in places of work, and the repeal of the labour reforms of 2010/2012.

“We send this statement in support of the General Strike in Catalonia called by the Catalan CGT and stand in solidarity with our fellow workers and comrades in the CGT, CSC intersindical, CNT AIT, COS and Intersindical Alternative.”

At this evenings rally a local Catalan activist now living in Ireland spoke to those in attendance saying “On Sunday while the people of Catalonia celebrated the referendum for self-determination the Spanish state showed its true nature to the world. Everyone has seen the images, nearly 900 injured, and their mass media continue to deny that there was ever a referendum or that the police acted with disproportionate measure.

“Due to this situation, in which the people have yet again to defend themselves and uphold their rights and dignity, a general strike has taken place throughout Catalonia. The strike is a show of class unity against state repression, military occupation and the erosion of labour rights.

ccat17.jpg“The Spanish state allies in Europe continue to fail to condemn the violent repression unleashed over the Catalan population, even though the article 7 of the european union treaty states that no state member of the union can use military force over its population and hence, violating basic human rights, clearly showing the double standards of the capitalist states of the fortress Europe protecting the elite at any cost necessary.

“But against all the odds there is one thing that is keeping the people united, and so far resisting, and that is working class solidarity. The dockers refused to provide essential services to the ships hosting the police at the ports, the firefighters stood in front of the police to protect the people, firefighters from outside Catalonia went to help our firefighters, the farmers blocked the roads, teachers and parents organised school occupations to keep them open as polling stations, the people defended with their bodies the entrance to their polling stations, culminating in today’s general strike, an expression of class unity and class resistance to defend the collective liberties.

“The streets will always be ours!”


More images of our IWW Derry Facebook page


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