IWW/IWOC – End Deaths in Custody Now!

41052041_2107991142578363_5710107098172358656_n.jpgThe Ireland section of the international revolutionary workers union, Industrial Workers of the World condemneds the death of yet another prisoner in Maghaberry Gaol calling for an immediate and fully independent inquiry into the death and the role of the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

A spokesperson for the IWW prisoner support network known as Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) stated “Questions have to be asked as we list yet another suspicious death in custody of a 22 year old male prisoner. Just last month we learned of the death of a 33 year old male prisoner within Maghaberry Goal. Again it was received with the same hand-ringing by the state from the NIPS yet deaths in custody continue to occur.

“This is the result of a failed criminal justice system with similar failed policies which has equally failed countless working class communities through a corrupt and unworkable system of punishment.

“Its clear through independent figures provided on both islands that the number of deaths in custody has risen to its highest level over the last decade. The majority of those incarcerated are already some of the most vulnerable members of society with a wide range of mental health concerns, while others would have a number of drugs or alcohol related issues.

“We call for an immediate and fully independent inquiry into the recent deaths within Maghaberry. In doing so we demand an end to all privatisation practices of custodial services, and the cancellation ofall contracts with related companies such as G4S and other profiteers from incarceration.

“Those responsible for the care and protection of the incarcerated be it the NIPS, PSNI or other custodial authorities must be held to account with the immediate end of the practice of such services investigating themselves. We demand an end to all deaths in custody now.”


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