Brilliant Response to IWW at Belfast Anarchist Bookfair

Members of the Industrial Workers of the World attended this years annual Belfast Anarchist Bookfair at the beginning of November which was held again at the Catalyst Art’s Centre.

Again this year members had an excellent response to our information stall with several new members and many more interested in getting involved.  One member who attended the days events said, “it was vital that we had an information stall as we have met new faces and were able to discuss grassroots activism within the workplace directly with those passing by.  Many were able to pick up IWW material to distribute in their own workplaces or to put up on the streets.  Belfast has a brilliant history of workplace mobilisation and the IWW forms part of that history of militant trade unionism. The IWW now has members throughout Belfast and we are in the process of organising ourselves formally over the next couple of months.

“Recently we have held discussions and talks which was well received.  Most people view the trade union movement as reformist and part of the machine of big business which is why the IWW has received a lot of attention due to our form of revolutionary unionism.  We see ourselves as a revolutionary syndicalist movement that is both independent from any political party and we are run directly by and for members ourselves.”

Amongst the many stalls during the day’s events was that of the Craigavon Two in an attempt to help raise the profile of those imprisoned and the ongoing campaign for justice. The next radical book fair will take place in Derry at the end of January and the IWW intend to be there to provide information on our continuing growth cross Ireland.



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