IWW: Demand Justice for the Craigavon Two

50301950_2375017099399134_5403274119150043136_n.jpgMembers of the Industrial Workers of the World attended yesterdays public meeting held in Derry in relation to the continued imprisonment of the Miscarriage of Justice campaign known as the Craigavon Two. This was an emotional event which bore all the hallmarks of pervious miscarriages of justice cases from the Guildford Four to the Birmingham Six.

The panel discussion was hosted by the Bloody Sunday March for Justice Committee who annually organise a series of debates, discussions and events in the lead up to the annual March for Justice in Derry which commemorates the massacre of 14 unarmed civilian protesters on the streets of Derry back in January 1972.  This event was chaired by Francie McGuigan, a former political prisoner who was himself interned by the state during the 1970’s and tortured using controversial tactics which are still employed today.

Following a brief update on the campaign so far by Joanne Donnelly, Dr Kevin Hearty, author ofJustice for the Craigavon Two: An Analysis of Injustice lead the discussion with key findings and concerns about the case of Lurgan men Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, sentenced in a Diplock Court to life imprisonment for the killing of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. The meeting concluded with a very detailed account of the case by solicitor Darragh Mackin, Phoenix Law.

Please watch and listen to the panel discussion and hear the state read out on behalf of both men on their continuing fight for justice and please share.

For our part the IWW and the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee believe it is vital for anyone who believes in human rights and social justice to step forward and highlight this case and the continued imprisonment of these two innocent men, who will be going into their 11th year locked up Maghaberry prison in March 2019.

There are many ways in which you can help demand justice for John Paul and Brendan and the main one of which the campaign and the families a calling for people to assist with it their online petition. There are currently over 7,350 signatures of which you can play your part in assisting. Please continue to sign and share the petition. If you can’t access the petition here you can Google petition to Criminal Cases Review Commission.



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