The ELT Worker: An Injury to One…

‘An injury to one is an injury to all’—a motto familiar even to non-union people. The phrase originates from the IWW union, or Industrial Workers of the World (also called the ‘Wobblies’), words that have inspired millions to fight racism, overcome fascism, and organise against workplace injustice.  As a grassroots union the IWW holds to... Continue Reading →


Anna Campbell: Rest in Power

Fellow Worker Anna Campbell was killed by Turkish Airstrikes on Afrin one year ago today while fighting alongside Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in the defence of Afrin. Anna was a dedicated feminist, social justice and environmental campaigner known to members for her activism around the student occupation movement, ecological and community outreach projects in... Continue Reading →

Couriers Organising in the streets: IWW Dublin

Night of important DIY activity in Dublin City Centre last night in solidarity with growing number of couriers in the capital getting unionised. A number of stencils, banners and posters were erected on middle Abbey street, Dame street, George's Street and Westmoreland Street focusing on the the many different locations where riders congregate. Wobblies at... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Spanish Civil War: Derry

Derry will mark the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939 with a commemorative event at the north west international brigades plaque at Unite the Union building on Carlisle Road, Derry on Saturday 30th March. We are planning to have an exhibition on the day with music along with several relatives of north west... Continue Reading →

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